My Book Is Available! Squee!

I’m pleased and excited and borderline hysterical to announce that my women’s fiction novel, “Ten Years Taken”, is now available on Kindle and in paperback. I’d be pleased and excited and borderline hysterical if you would purchase it. Thanks for your continued support! You’re golden. Ten Years Taken

Short Story Sunday: John William Brown, 1978   Recently updated !

Welcome to Short Story Sunday. The saga continues….. JOHN WILLIAM BROWN- 1978   For me, there wasn’t any place more peaceful on God’s great earth than my mama’s front porch. After a long day at the firm, I’d often drive out to her place on the north side of town […]

Short Story Sunday: Mrs. Colby, 1972

Welcome, welcome! The southern short story saga continues…..Thanks for stopping by! MRS. COLBY- 1972 Janette hadn’t been gone from the jewelry store for five minutes, and I was already going behind her to do the work that she’d failed to do. She’d left dust an inch thick on the wedding […]

Short Story Sunday: Leon, 1967

Welcome to this Sunday’s short story! Check back next Sunday for more!   I placed the nails in a brown paper sack for Mr. Jensen as he laughed heartily with Daddy about his youngest boy trying to flush four toy trains down the toilet that morning. “If I couldn’t have […]

Short Story Sunday: Mrs. Della, 1972

Welcome to Short Story Sunday! Check the SSS page within my blog for more. Thank you! I ain’t seen as much rain in Hatchie County, Tennessee as I did in April of 1972. I’d lived my whole life right here, all 62 years of it, and I’d seen a whole […]

Your Tango: Ten Ways You Make Your Marriage Harder Than It Needs to Be

Moments before I walked down the aisle, I heard one resounding phrase from countless older relatives who relished in doling out marital tips to the young, naïve bride. “Marriage is hard work.” And I was all, “Whatever, Grandma. We are in love. Love is never hard and our marriage won’t […]

Hormones from Hades

My doctor recently put me on hormones to help with my fertility issues. God help us all. I searched the side effects sheet but didn’t see any of the following: Overactive Appetite- Far surpassing that of a Grizzly Bear taking Prednisone. Overactive Tear Ducts- I cried at a Jeep commercial. […]

Short Story Sunday: Beck Odie, 1945

Welcome to this Sunday’s story! Check the Sunday Short Story page within my blog for more! Thanks as always!   As I leaned against the side of my father’s old Ford truck and crunched the auburn and burgundy leaves beneath my shoes, I glanced over at Mama. I could see […]

Short Story Sunday: Stanley Willard

Welcome to Short Story Sunday! Follow the SSS page within my blog for more! Thanks!   I’ve spent most of my life knowing God was mad at me. I ain’t a man of no convictions. I know right from wrong and good from bad. I know I ain’t been making […]