One Man Band

I’m working on a new fiction novel. I’ve been consumed by it every night for nearly a  month now, and I’m proud of the progress I’ve made. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever written before and I’m really excited about it. I sat down tonight to hopefully crank out another few […]

A Whole Lotta Whoa Going On

Salutations, friends. I’ve done a craptastic job at blogging as of late, but I do have good reason. I’M BUSY AF. Of course, AF stands for “As a Feline with 3 legs trying to cover a turd on a frozen pond”. Because I would never curse and use the real meaning that […]

This is Totally Nurtz

Nurtz. I’ve been using that word a lot lately. My phone’s autocorrect has accepted it as if it were one of my son’s sight words- but, her, for, to, she, him, nurtz. But I think its an appropriate word to describe the last few days. “Crazy” or “insane” just won’t cut […]

My 35th Birthday

I’ve been blogging for a few years, and I always post on my birthday. I do this to share my life with you all, but also to be able to look back years from now and remember how I spent July 11th– the gifts I received, the restaurant where I […]

Cruel Summer

Oh, sweet Bananarama with your 80’s one-hit wonder. Such a catchy little tune, isn’t it? Bum bum bum bum-bum bum bum. What is that? A xylophone? I’ve never been sure. Anyway, the lyrics say, “It’s a cruel, cruel summer. Leaving me here on my own. Now you’re gone.” I was sitting by my pool […]

We’re Busy…And That’s Perfectly Okay

“Hurry up, we’re going to be late!” I say it more often than not. I say it as my husband frantically searches for his keys, as my kids hastily stuff tacos in their mouths, as I scurry to put the puppy in the crate, apply lip gloss, fill my tumbler cup with ice, put on my […]

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother Who…

Happy Mother’s Day… To the mother… who paces the house at 2AM with a screaming infant. Who spends hours upon hours Googling diaper rashes, thrush and the best brand of bottles for colic. Who wipes tears of joy from her cheeks as she watches her napping newborn. Who prays for three consecutive […]

Month 7: The First Recital

I used to title the posts pertaining to my mother’s death by the number of days she’d been gone. Day 11, Day 42, Day 87. I kept up with those days the same way a new mother keeps up with the weeks since her newborn’s birth. But now, it’s morphed into months. Too many days have […]


Shock, deep sorrow and mourning are only a few of the emotions that accompany the loss of a loved one.  But eventually, thank God, the shock wears off, the deep sorrow is lessened, the mourning wanes more than it waxes. However, one emotion that forever remains constant is regret. It […]

If I Didn’t Have Jesus, I’d Probably Be in a Straitjacket

I’ve never worn a straitjacket. However, I’ve forgotten my coat at a freezing fall softball game. I pulled my arms into my shirt to keep warm and sat there looking like an idiot. Unfortunately, a foul ball came over the fence and sailed straight towards me. You’ve never seen awkward until […]