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by Susannah B. Lewis

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Hey, y’all! I’m Susannah B. Lewis. Author, Podcaster, Facebooker, Speaker, Southerner, Follower of Jesus, Wife of One and Mother of Two. I’m regularly random and never put plastic in the microwave.

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    If your husband’s snoring is keeping you up all night anyway, why not grab one of my books to help pass the time?

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    Quit slathering parabens all over your body! BeautyCounter is my go to for all things beauty. Clean, non-toxic, amazing.

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    My t-shirts are real comfortable. And real funny. And real yours if you buy one.

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    The Anna & Susannah Show is my weekly podcast I co-host with Anna Lind Thomas. It’s where faith meets funny.

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Here are a few of my most viral videos.

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Meet Wanda Jo White.

Wife to Donnie. Mommy to Bobby Wayne and Crystal Gayle.

Likes: Harlequin romance novels, Frito Chili Pie and Precious Moments figurines.

Dislikes: Donnie

@whitewandajo | #WednesdaysWithWanda

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