Holiday Heartbreak: Missing My Mother   Recently updated !

My father died four days before Thanksgiving 1992. I was only 11, but I well remember that Thanksgiving meal at a chain restaurant. I remember poking my fork at dry mashed potatoes and bland sweet potatoes that couldn’t compare to my mother’s. I remember feeling very unthankful that I was fatherless at such […]

Day Fortysomething: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

Yesterday was damn near debilitating. I was so overcome with sadness that I didn’t even want to get out of the bed. I left church early because I was nauseated and thought I was going to hurl on the poor unsuspecting family sitting in front of me. I thought maybe I […]

Day Forty Two

I think the biggest struggle with my mother’s death, aside from the fact that she physically isn’t here to talk to me or give me advice or wrap me in an Elizabeth Arden-scented hug or make me a Mississippi Mud Cake, is that this is the first loss I’ve suffered without […]

Day Thirty-Eight: An Explanation

Explanation: I know that the majority of this blog’s followers found me through my humor. I know reading something witty I wrote for Huffington Post or Hahas for Hoohas or Funny Times, etc. prompted you to give my page a second gander. I know my PSA’s about redneckery in the Wal-MartS or stifling the urge to […]

Day Thirtysomething

I was at my daughter’s softball game last weekend, yelling and jumping with excitement as her team narrowly pulled off a tough win. For any stranger who watched me bounce out of my folding chair and shout excitedly at the winning run, they would never have known my mother died only a month ago. I appeared […]

Day Fifteen

Today I went to my mother’s alone for the first time since she passed. I immediately went to her piano and played a song that she taught me when I was only 8 or 9. I left feeling like we had shared something intimate and sacred. I left feeling as […]

Day Thirteen

It’s evident that the Whoa! Susannah page has taken an ominous turn. Maybe it seems I’m playing this orphan card for all it’s worth. Maybe I should just take a break entirely from the world of writing until I find my funny. Maybe I should keep the sadness and grief […]

Day Eleven

Aside from my mother’s eulogy, I haven’t written anything in eleven days. So sitting down to write this feels sort of odd and foreign. Eleven days is a long time for me not to have written anything humorous or added a chapter to my novel. Instead, the last eleven days […]

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

I didn’t know how to even start this post, but the simple act of typing the title conjured up so much emotion that I’m on the verge of becoming a blubbering idiot. The same blubbering idiot I’m known to become when I watch “Beaches” or “Ole Yeller” or “Toy Story 3” […]

Sequel Survey and Stuff

Hello faithful followers. That sounds so Charles Manson-ish, doesn’t it? Faithful followers. As if you’d disembowel kangaroos or something if I told you to. Ha. You would, wouldn’t you? Tell me you would. Okay, that got off on a weird note. I really love kangaroos. And I hate Charles Manson. […]