Short Story Sunday: Stanley Willard

Welcome to Short Story Sunday! Follow the SSS page within my blog for more! Thanks!   I’ve spent most of my life knowing God was mad at me. I ain’t a man of no convictions. I know right from wrong and good from bad. I know I ain’t been making […]

Short Story Sunday: Caroline, 1966

Welcome to this Sunday’s short story! Check the Short Story Sunday page within my blog for more!   My daddy was known for many things. He liked being known as “the horse man out on Route 8” the best.  If a foal couldn’t get born, my daddy could get it […]

A Rant on Writing

For this post, I’m going to go back to my old style of writing. And by “old style of writing”, I mean “ranting”. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read any of my old blog posts, I encourage you to do so. I’ve written a lot of rants in the […]

Short Story Sunday: Mrs. Laney, 1991

Welcome to this Sunday’s short story! Check out more on the Sunday Short Story page within my blog. Thanks!   Henry McMillin hadn’t been the same since the life-altering loss on Jeopardy! in 1968. I watched from my kitchen window as he shuffled around his garden wearing a stained red flannel […]

Short Story Sunday: Ellen, 1965

For more stories, please check out the Sunday Short Story page within my blog. Thanks!   You couldn’t find a clean storefront window on Main Street in Hatchie County, Tennessee during the cotton picking season. An inch of brown earth rested on the glass windows, concealing the ladies’ church dresses […]

Short Story Sunday: Aunt Cora Lee, 1988

Hello, friends! Each Sunday, I will post a short story and add it to a new page within my blog, Short Story Sunday. Some of these stories have been published and some have been hidden in a Rubbermaid tote since I was sixteen. Some are humorous and some definitely are […]

Introducing Short Story Sunday

Last night as I was lying (or is it laying? I never know which word to use although I’ve Googled the solution umpteen hundred times. I also majored in English, so I should definitely know the answer, right? I guess I was too busy snoozing in class with my head lying […]


Little Shells, Little Masks

I said something today that I’ve said many times. And as always, as soon as the words left my mouth, waves of guilt washed over me. I told my son, “Stop being so shy.” I wouldn’t have scolded him in the slightest if he’d turned to me and said, “Stop being […]


My Hometown

Sometimes I dream about the cracks in the sidewalk. That cavernous pit on Key Corner that always grabbed the front wheel of my skate and sent me plummeting to the hot asphalt. Blood dripped down my leg as I continued my journey to the Exxon for a grape Slush Puppie […]