Sequel Survey and Stuff

Hello faithful followers.

That sounds so Charles Manson-ish, doesn’t it? Faithful followers. As if you’d disembowel kangaroos or something if I told you to. Ha. You would, wouldn’t you? Tell me you would.

Okay, that got off on a weird note. I really love kangaroos. And I hate Charles Manson. So forget I said any of that.

I’ve digressed.

This is my first blog post in a while, so we’ve got some catching up to do. If you’re just here for the sequel stuff, then either bear with me or scroll on down the page a bit. It won’t hurt my feelings if you skip all of this at the beginning, because honestly, I won’t know.

First and foremost, I just got back from a week long vacation to Orlando. Universal Studios to be exact. I would post some photos of my children posing by Minions and Transformers, but I’m basically too lazy to upload any pictures. So just use your imagination.

We had a wonderful time, and I won’t go into details about tourists with fanny packs who stop in the middle of a busy path to check their map to see how far away they are from the Jurassic Park river ride, all the while I end up stepping on their Achilles tendon and nearly plummeting to the hot asphalt. But that kind of stuff really annoys me. I guess crowds really annoy me, which means Universal Studios isn’t the best place for me to be. But aside from those jackholes, it was fun.

Let me tell you something about these new high-tech roller coasters, too. They aren’t even roller coasters. It’s basically just you sitting in a moving seat with 3D glasses on while a huge screen in front of you makes you think you are flying on a Harry Potter dragon or swinging from rooftops with Spiderman. I’ve been on my share of real roller coasters, but I must say that these 3D things scare the ever-loving urine out of me. My poor daughter screamed, “LET ME OFF THIS THING!” repeatedly, although I reminded her that she was just sitting in a movie theater. My point is, those things seem incredibly real. And despite my daughter’s pleas for help, they are incredibly awesome in a terrifying kind of way.

After Universal, we spent the day at LEGOLAND (why did my computer automatically put that in all caps?), and it was pretty awesome, as the Lego Movie song entails. It wasn’t very crowded and I didn’t step on any miniscule plastic pieces or Achilles tendons, so it was all good.

The last two days were spent at the beach, which means I have to give a review on the Wyndham Garden in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Here is my review, in one word:


Seriously, you guys. I’ve never stayed in such a crap place in my life. I would officially like to downgrade it from hotel to motel. The photos of this crap hole on the internet are so incredibly deceiving that I had to march over a pile of cigarette butts in the lobby and complain to the manager, who was the epitome of a butthole. We left that joint after the first night and relocated to a much nicer resort down the street. So if you’ll be in Clearwater Beach, Florida anytime soon, I highly recommend you skip the Wyndham Garden and sleep in a back alley with a toothless crack addict instead. It would be an upgrade.

I’m also not going to go into great detail about the 17, SEVENTEEN, hour ride home to Tennessee on my 34th birthday, but you can imagine that it sucked donkey testicles.

Moving on.


My book, Ten Years Taken, is doing remarkably well, y’all. I’ve had two book signings, spoken at my local library, been featured in newspapers and am even in the works of getting it put on Books A Million shelves. If you follow me on Facebook (as you should), you know all of this. You also know how incredibly thankful and grateful I am for my debut novel’s success. If you have read it and enjoyed it, then please don’t forget to leave a positive review for it on Amazon. If you hated it, a review is totally not necessary.

But as for the sequel…

I want to know what questions you have about the first book. Yes, I’m in the beginning stages of the sequel, but I want to know what you- my readers- want answered. What questions are keeping you up at night? Where do you feel I left you hanging? What would you like to discover in the sequel?

I intentionally left a lot of unanswered questions in the book. Actually, I originally answered many of the questions that you may have in the first book, but I cut them from the story so I would, indeed, have material for a sequel. As for a few other cliffhangers, I can honestly tell you that at this point- I have no idea the answers myself. I’m working on that.

Please leave me a comment below this post or on my Facebook page and let me know what you want to read in the next installment. And I promise you that I’ll do my darndest to give you good answers in the next book…or maybe the third one…see what I did there?

I love you all much. I read your comments and reviews for TYT and I’m overjoyed. You people read my words. And the majority of you liked them.

You have no idea how that makes me feel.

Kind of like I feel on those 3D roller coasters- with a knot in my throat, butterflies in my stomach and urine running down my leg.

That went too far. I haven’t peed on myself since 1987.

Reach out to me and let me know how I can make the sequel perfect FOR YOU.

Oh, on a side note—-I’m also working on a humorous book. I hate to work on two projects at once, but I’m really loving the humorous story in my head. Would you like a sneak peek into my brain concerning this new work of fiction? Of course you would.

It’s the tale of a nosy housewife and writer (it isn’t a biography, I swear) who witnesses some serious crimes go down in her suburban hood. Think Hitchcock’s, “Rear Window” with an Erma Bombeck twist. Poor nosy housewife is going to find herself in a heap of trouble trying to piece together the mysterious puzzle, all the while throwing in heaping helpings of sarcasm and possibly falling off a roof with binoculars in her hand.

I swear it’s funnier than I just made it out to be.

I would like to complete this novel before really diving into the sequel to TYT, but I’m torn on which one to write first.

Someone tell me what to do.

Again, thanks for all of your support. You’re golden.

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11 thoughts on “Sequel Survey and Stuff

  • Sue Walker

    By all means, do the humor book while it’s hot & fresh in your mind! I’m ready for a southern funny. But keep your notes on TYT II, because YES one very large loose end I need answered (but won’t mention because some potential readers might not appreciate the spoiler)
    Loved your book and look forward to keeping in touch on Facebook

  • christy

    So with Jonathan out of the picture, can Elle show back up (gone girl style) and reclaim all of his riches? Since her original beau is now attached she’s all for loose and fancy free…. And she’s carrying the heir to that estate…. Just saying. She and vaiden could begin a whole new life (moving on up -Jefferson style)

  • Fran Baker

    Spoilers! Do not read if you have not read TYT~ How we gonna handle married love-of-her-life? Life become mom to Vaida again and now baby? I would like a little drama around the police investigation in Jonathan death and her dads… Love love loved the book.

  • Bridget Holloway

    I suggest u work on the sequel 1st because I’m selfish like that. Seriously, best book I’ve read – couldn’t put it down & sad it ended.

    ATTENTION SPOILER for those who haven’t read book yet:

    She’s pregnant – (great cliffhanger). He had sperm issues. Is it really Jonathan’s baby???

    Would love a deeper investigation on his death – & they figure out not Elle’s body from dental records.
    Also investigation on her dad’s wreck? Was it caused by Jonathan?

    She was made beneficiary – could she get his millions & live a happy, extremely wealthy life?

    Johnathans mother will find out Elle is actually alive & had her sons baby – she will def want to be in her grand babies life.

    Jonathan’s brother finally came around after rehab — he seemed to not really love his longtime girlfriend—something’s up w/him – can’t put my finger on it – but he knows something rest of family didn’t that caused his drunken crazy behavior.

    Sad to think of Elle & the true love of her life who’s now married to her best friend…..that would be a great spin. They already have a daughter together – & obviously have to see each other for sake of Vaida – will there be a steamy affair??

    Someone figures out Elle is actually alive & they kidnap new baby– she finds out baby was kidnapped from Jonathan’s mother who went crazy after her husband, Jonathan & Elles death

    Im getting carried away now…..!

    • Susannah Post author

      Niiiiice Bridget. Seems you have already got a few things figured out….wink wink. I appreciate your feedback. Stay tuned. 🙂

  • Pat Harwell

    I think I want the funny sarcastic novel first. That will give more time to get TYT out and on bookshelves and you more time to gather your ideas/thoughts on the sequel. Loved TYT and so enjoy your blog. Can’t wait for either so hurry!!

  • Lesley

    One of the best books I’ve read in a while!! I don’t really have any suggestions, because I’m not creative like that, but so anxious for both books!!

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