We’re Busy…And That’s Perfectly Okay

“Hurry up, we’re going to be late!”

I say it more often than not. I say it as my husband frantically searches for his keys, as my kids hastily stuff tacos in their mouths, as I scurry to put the puppy in the crate, apply lip gloss, fill my tumbler cup with ice, put on my sunglasses and get out the door.

We’re busy.

When we are finally in the truck and sailing down the road, the kids are still pulling belts through the loops of their ball pants, I’m sending a text from the passenger seat to let someone know we are on our way and my husband is really trying to refrain from exceeding the speed limit. When everyone is dressed, every message is sent and we are only minutes away from our appointment, I finally relax and gaze out the window. That’s when my old nemesis, Worry, pays a visit. Because don’t us mothers worry about everything?

We’re busy.

And I worry that all this busyness is bad for our family. I worry because that article on Facebook said we need to “stop and smell the roses”.  I worry that we are molding our children into anxious, hurried people who rarely experience quiet, still moments. I worry that we have too much on our plate; that we are being robbed of something. I worry because we haven’t had a free night to gather around the television and watch Wheel  of Fortune since Vanna had her last face lift.

We always have somewhere to be, and we usually rush to get there. I call out sight words to my son from the front seat. We screech into the ball field parking lot on two wheels. I brush my daughter’s hair in the hallway of the auditorium. I learn about their day at school or give pep talks while we walk. I throw my hands up when I realize I ran out of the house and left my wallet on the kitchen counter.

We’re busy.

But after I’ve packed the bag, rounded up the children and devoured a meal in the car, I plop my tired body into the folding chair or on the church pew. I heave a collective sigh of relief when we reach our destination, and I begin to appreciate why we so desperately wanted to get here on time.

This isn’t merely busyness. This is life, and we are right in the middle of it. Every practice, every game, every recital, book club, award ceremony, work, school or church function- that’s where our heartbeat is found. That’s where my family’s memories are being made, despite the fact I was so hurried to get there that I left my phone at home and cannot document those memories for Instagram.

This school, this field, this recital hall, this church building- these are the places where my children learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually. They are exposed to all of the biggies in life here- love, responsibility, commitment, hard work and dedication. We may be putting our shoes on in the car right before we play these sports, learn these Scriptures, volunteer our time, our money or our effort, but we were determined to get here because we wanted to be here; because it’s a blessing for us to experience these things. These things are our roses, and we’re smelling them as often as we can.

Among the mad dash to turn off all the lights and get out the door, worry may whisper lies that we are being robbed of the precious, quiet, still moments in life. But those precious, quiet, still moments are still there- on that dusty ball field, while reading that sheet music or listening to that encouraging sermon. Maybe we haven’t fully digested our food yet when those moments come, but they do come.

So, yes, we are busy.

We are busy making memories.

We are busy living.

We are busy.

And that’s perfectly okay.



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I'm a freelance writer, blogger, aspiring best-selling author, wife of one and stay-at-home mother of two. I was chosen for the Top 13 in Blogger Idol and contribute pieces to The Huffington Post and Hahas for Hoohas. My work has also been featured in several humorous e-books, "Southern Writers’ Magazine", "The Humor Daily", "The Funny Times" and on the Erma Bombeck website. When I'm not putting pen to paper, bandaging boo-boos or spraying Shout on unidentifiable stains, I enjoy reading, playing the piano and teaching my children all about Southern charm. God has blessed me beyond measure and to Him be the glory forever.

3 thoughts on “We’re Busy…And That’s Perfectly Okay

  • Nena Sconyers

    Love this Susannah. Sometimes I wish my family was busier then we were…like our life is just passing by and we are letting it. This summer I plan on doing more “busy” stuff…just because I’m alive and can!

  • sally

    What a wonderful comment on the lifestyle of most families today…truthful, hopeful and loveful (new word!).

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