About Me: What’s With the Whoa?

I’m a freelance writer, author, Southerner, piano player, wife of one and stay at home mother of two. I’m regularly random and never put plastic in the microwave.

I contribute to Huffington Post, Hahas for Hoohas, Your Tango and my local newspaper. I’ve also been published in several humorous e- books, magazines and on Erma Bombeck’s Humor Writers page. My blog was chosen for the 2013 Blogger Idol Top 13, and I am a Blogher Voices of the Year recipient.

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**more random stuff about me**

I am the only person to  ever leave the “big boned” gentleman that worked at my local small town Subway a love letter. Slush Puppies made me fat in the 80’s. I like to play Texas Hold ‘Em and my name is on the winner’s plaque at an Irish Pub, next to my  high school Latin teacher’s name. I am a product of the Southern Podunk Public School System, and yet I consider myself to “have smarts real good!”

I  survived driving in Atlanta rush hour traffic when I was 16. I am tall and tired  of people asking me if I ever played basketball. Wallpaper is the worst  invention since the atom bomb. I can’t break my habit of sleeping in earrings, no  matter how bad it hurts.

I can cook really well, but I stress so much over  e-coli and salmonella that I can barely bring myself to make a sandwhich without  freaking out. I am well educated, but I still say “aint”.

I once saw  a 3 legged dog scrape it’s butt on gravel. I was born in the wrong era,  musically. I knew who Bob Dylan was when I was four. I determine if a person is  going to be a good friend if they make me laugh within 12 minutes of knowing  them.

I’m so glad that you stopped by my little slice of the Interwebs. I hope I can make you laugh, make you cry (when appropriate) and put a smile on your face. I also hope you’ll send me money.

I’m kidding.

Unless you want to send me money.

Hugs, kisses and all that jazz.



Awards and Stuff:

Top Ten Winner- Southern Writer’s Magazine 2012 & 2013



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135 thoughts on “About Me: What’s With the Whoa?

  • haley strahan

    Hi! Just found your blog after reading your hilarious and oh-so-accurate piece about children and summer. Loved it, and immediately noticed your beautiful name, which you share with my 6 month old daughter! I guess she’s in for some teasing, herself! Following!

    • Susannah Post author

      Hi Haley! Thanks for your comment and for following! Sounds like you’ve got one cool baby….. with one cool name 🙂

  • suehay123

    Hey Susannah, I love your blog. I started a blog recently (and oh how I wish I could be funny like you). I know you can’t teach that to me, but was wondering if you’d give a girl a bit of advice on how to get your blog out to a wider audience — what’s one of the best things you did? And how did you get your first assignment with Huffington Post?
    Thanks for entertaining me today!
    Susan – http://www.handprintcommunications.com

  • Lynn Dee Thomas

    I think you are awesome! I also consider myself to be a smart southern girl, although I chose electrical engineering instead of writing. (I would love to talk to you about another business venture.)

  • Wayne Cockfield

    Saying ain’t IS being “well educated.” The aristocratic class of England first used ain’t in the 1700’s. The word migrated to America where it was first heard in the port cities of New York and Charleston, S.C. by the leading citizens who wanted to also sound “aristocratic.” Yankees gave it up, but southerners still use it and it is correct english.

  • Jackie

    I just watched your video on Facebook about being true to yourself and the one that created you. You are on the money !!! Not only does this 50 year old mom of 2 boys need to hear those words but every child that has Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etcetera. Social media has its purpose, but all those photos by children of every single moment they experience is not a positive forum. Thank you for your posts and humor. You rock..but you didn’t need me to tell you !!

  • buckeyedan1948

    Lady i must say, You are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I dont do facebook but my wife showed me your kroger rant and i havent laughed so much in years. Anyone with a mind like yours moves right to top of my A list. I will love you forever… dan

  • Nancy

    I found your blog from watching your crazy funny videos on fb. I love em. I’m from TN and they just hit home. I’m so glad I read your posts about your mom. I just lost my mom 2 months ago and your words just fill my heart. Thank you so much!!

  • oliver

    Why are you not a stand up comedian? you would kill it on stage! Your Kroger bit is almost polished to perfection right out of the gate! And I will be using the “yank a knot in your tail” line with my kids I am sure.

  • Reid fulcher

    )you are awesome, funny and straightforward up, you remind me of Brett butler from to old tv show Grace under fire..not to mention you are beautiful!

  • Monica J. Dennison

    You are a breath of fresh air that can put a smile on my face when I’ve had “one of those damn days”! I was born and raised in Chicago with 12 years catholic school years behind me…somehow I managed to get an MBA in there, but I am now hunkered down….yes they say hunkered here, smack dab in the middle of corn and cow fields (you think I’m joking!) in Kentucky. I can thank my retired military husband for this move to nowhere land…
    Kroger….don’t even get me started here! We have two (2) Kroger’s that’s it…my other choice is a Walmart, but I’d just rather not endure that painful process – only if absolutely necessary. The Kroger in the heart of town is for the most part is OK, but it seems to be the more populated one. As opposed to the 2nd Kroger clear across town and it would take an extra 15 – 20 min to get there. Well now, they have gone and had some sort of face lift and turned it into a really really cute Kroger’s with a Starbucks inside! (Forgive me for being excited about a Starbucks in the Kroger, but our town of plenty does not have any stand alone Starbuck stores..we have ONE in Barnes and Noble but that doesn’t count because they won’t even take Starbucks gift cards. The other one is all the over on Ft. Knox and unless you happen to go on post that day…NO ONE wants to make that drive. Oh but wait back to Kroeger……this new Kroger they have built across town WITH the Starbucks also has a Drive-Thru lane where you can pre-order your groceries and they will be waiting for you when you get there! Drive up the designated lane and there you have it! What were they thinking? Great for the few people who shop on that end of town…but for the majority of us on the other side we just the friendly Newspaper guy trying to give us a free paper for the subscription service.
    Keep it coming!

  • Maria Roberts

    Susannah, I’m so happy I found you on Facebook! Now I’m sharing you with my clients. They love you just as much as I do. I’m a southern gal from Tennessee and often it’s hard for me to say what’s on my mind. Thank you for doing it! Ha!

  • Anita Parker

    Identified with grocery store relocation. I continue to love every post. If you need further input, I’ll be glad to relate “rat on the man’s shoulder” in Ingles. Could have been WalMarts😉

  • Paula Bothwell

    I just found you on yourtango and I love your views on marriage and family. I’m enjoying poking around your blog. Thanks for keeping it real!

  • Nikki Boudoucies

    I freaking love you. OMG I just got introduced to your youtube videos yesterday and I have been in tears for two days. If you come to Nashville you HAVE to let me know!!! My middle name is sarcasm and smart ass and I would love to meet you. Did stand up for a while in LA and write as well. Love your Nashville sister, Nikki B

  • Audrey

    Hi Susannah…I’m sure you may have mentioned it on your website or FB page that I have overlooked somewhere, but, may I ask where you are from? I seen a video on FB and you were wearing what I think was a gray shirt that had the state of Tn with “home” inside of it. Was just wondering if that was “home” for you? If so, Go VOLS…if not, still…go VOLS 😁!

  • Jen

    Hello Susannah! I need you to stop living my life. No really are you following me LOL just kidding honey keep’em coming. You crack me up and I positive we were separated at birth. Only I’m the short one. Love your work! I’m looking to move. Where do you live? Maybe we can be neighbors. I’m not a stalker lol ok maybe a blogger stalker but just a little. Keep up the good work girlfriend. I salute my next drink of wine to you. Best of luck in all you set out to do! Cheers!

  • missy skinner

    Thanks so much for all the laughs!! I find myself stalking….I mean searching your facebook page daily for new funnies! Love em! You’ve got new fans here in Kentucky!

  • Vanessa Wood

    I love your videos, your honest, and your sense of humor! I noticed you had a Tennessee shirt on in one of your videos. Are you from Tennessee? I live just outside of knoxville!
    I found you through a BlogHer link, and my life is richer for it! You’re a breath of fresh air!

  • Susan Brock

    Well, Susannah, I just experienced a little piece of your “fresh hell” at Kroger. My favored grocery store here in Texas is undergoing a remodel/expansion. After having seen your video, I made the concious effort to shop at another location about the same distance from my house, as I certainly do not want to end up with maxi pads in my fridge. So, this a.m. I went the other location, and had Woolite on my shopping list. I have bought Woolite in the same white bottle with blue writing and blue stripes my entire adult life. Could not find said product on the shelves. Asked a stock person “do you know where the Woolite is”? – was met with an 18 year old nice kid who replied “what’s Woolite”? So, low and behold, I did the explaining – good for hand washing of wool sweaters/bathing suits/delicates, always found on the laundry aisle.

    So we spend many minutes scanning both sides of said laundry aisle – no luck.

    Finally, I had the Eureka ah-ha moment, when I spotted it on the bottom shelf (far right), cleverly disguised in new packaging – it is now housed in a white bottle with a pink cap and pink and blue writing. Frankly, it looks like a bottle of bath suds for babies!

    Here is another point to ponder re: marketing and grocery stores: I am 55 years old and grocery shopped/clipped coupons with my mom for years. I wonder how many times in my lifetime staples such as Crest Toothpaste and Tide Detergent have been new and improved? Certainly more times than I paid yearly income taxes, renewed my driver’s license, or bought a new car!

    Cheers to you, enjoy your work and have shared with many!



  • Julie Garnett

    Susannah, my name is Julie and I’m from a small southern town in South Carolina. This is going to sound crazy but I truly believe God leads us to certain people when we need them. I’ve seen your posts on facebook through a friend’s page from her liking your page. I played your videos because I’ve been in a funk for over 4 years now and need to laugh. I immediately thought, she’s really funny. I too have a warped sense of humor. After I also “liked” your fb page, I went on your page and noticed something that caught my eye. A video where you are sitting in a closet eating Oreo’s talking about your mama’s passing and not enjoying summers without her. I found myself glued to what you were saying because I too have those same but a little different feelings. I was raised by my mama who was a single woman until I was 12. My father left us when I was 2 and it broke her heart. She and I were close like you and your mother were. My mama had a wonderful sense of humor. We always knew what the other one was thinking. While I look like my daddy’s side of the family, I have my mama’s hands, feet, voice, patience, and sense of humor. My mama passed away suddenly of a heart attack on January 2, 2012. I had spent New Year’s Day at her house and 24 hours later she was gone. I remember our last conversation like a movie I’ve seen a thousand times. I told her “Mama, 2012 is going to be a good year”. She just smiled and nodded, as if she knew. 2012 will forever be engraved in my brain and the worst year ever. I know it hasn’t been a year yet for you and I wish I could tell you it gets easier, so many people told me in time it gets easier, but the truth is I’m over 4 years in this and it’s not any easier. It’s not any harder but not easier. I feel like things have stopped for me. I’m alone in a crowded room. I agree with you on being angry because she left, feeling regret, jealous of others who have a mama to call or see. A few weeks ago, I so desperately needed someone to “talk” to and my 8 year old son is too young to understand, so I picked up my phone. I scrolled through to see who I could call and really talk to like I did with my mama. We could talk about everything and anything but when I came across her name and number it hit me, she’s not there anymore. Then I thought about my cousin who I was always close to but she’s going through who own battles. What about my best friend but we haven’t really talked or seen each other in a year. She has 3 kids and I’m sure doesn’t have the time to listen to me. Then I realize I’m alone so I’ve been keeping a lot inside. I’m not suicidal just missing talking to my mama. She was my rock. I don’t know how to function without her even this many years after. Sometimes I can’t breath because missing her so very much consumes me. I work full time as a supervisor and rarely miss work. I put on a “happy face” but deep down I’m wiped out from my heart being broken. The day her heart broke, mine did too. Thank you for blogging your true feelings. I don’t post it much on fb because I’m sure my friends who’s mother’s are still living get tired of tagging the crying face to whatever I said in my post. I believe God lead me to your page to read about your mama to help me with the grieving of mine. Almost similar to the strand of your mama’s hair you found while laying on the floor of her empty living room after they moved her piano. I believe that was your mama’s way of letting you know she’s still there with you. I hope I hear from you in some way but I know you are a busy woman. Take care of yourself, Julie Garnett, Paxville, South Carolina

    • Susannah Post author


      I can’t thank you enough for this message. I read every word, tears in my eyes, and just wanted to scream to you, “I GET IT! YES! I GET IT!”

      I scroll through the phone. I feel alone. I get it.

      You’re in my prayers and I’m so thankful the Lord let our paths cross. All I can do to go on is cling to His promises. Without that peace from God, I couldn’t go on.

      God bless you Julie. You’re in my thoughts. Thanks again. ♡♡♡♡

      Psalm 34:18

      The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

      • Julie Garnett


        I’m so glad to hear from you. Thanks for the bible verse it is very comforting. I read where you have regret. I have those too. I was sitting across the kitchen table talking to my mama exactly 24 hours before she passed. I rushed home because it was about time for my son to get his bath and get ready for bed. I wish I had spent more time that day or why couldn’t it have happened on this day, so maybe I could use my CPR training and bring her back. Do you have what I call weird thoughts? My mama was a cold nature person and she passed in the winter time. Even to this day I worry about her being cold or hot. Knowing she’s in a casket in the ground it bothers me to not be able to take care of her. I don’t feel like I could have done everything I could have. Weird thoughts, I know. I’m not psycho but sometimes my mind makes me think too much and I wonder if other people have the same crazy thoughts? I can’t go to my stepfather’s house anymore to see him much because the pain is still there. I see my mama alive and talking to me and then I can see her in the same chair unresponsive and there was nothing I could do. Going through her things was much like what you dealt with. I still have much of her clothes. Not sure why I keep them. I guess I’m hoping she’ll come back but knowing she won’t. My son who was 3 at the time will never know how much his Grandma loved him (her only grandchild) and that kills me. I’m writing a journal or small book for him to read when he gets older to know what a sweet, loving, devilish at times, jokester, she was. She was the best. I’m sure your mama would have been right there at your daughter’s recital cheering her on and feeling so proud of her accomplishments. If you want to private message me for my phone number and ever need someone to just listen who understands, I’m here. I know you don’t know me but I feel the connection on this level. We both sound very much alike. I don’t cry in front of people but do a lot on my own. I’m the one always trying to make others laugh. You are in my thoughts too Susannah. Our mama’s would want us to carry on their legacy with our children. Raise them the way they raised us. Laugh every time we can, enjoy the family we still have, love one another, and take care of ourselves. You are not alone when scrolling on the phone, you just have to add my number. If you don’t want to give me your number I understand, you can block the caller ID. Would love to talk and listen. Thank you my new friend. God bless you too. Julie

  • Bruce

    I absolutely looooove Susannah!!! As long as I have access to her blog, I’ll always be happy. In a non-threatening, non-stalkerish way!!! I’m a southern girl girl too, from Houston, Tx. I could soooo relate with her Kroger meltdown, I mean do these folks do this just to sit back and watch us lose it??? Anyway- keep bringing us your wonderful brand of funny Susannah!!!!!


  • Rene

    Hey ! would you write about something someone else gave you the idea to ? i am a horrible writer but have something i would like to try and get our there

  • Betty Gantt, but everyone calls me BJ

    Hi Susannah. Love your work, lady. Do you live in Mobile, Alabama … perhapsi in Sugar Creek Subdivision? If so, then we are almost neighbors. From one southern girl to another. Oh yes, girlfriend, God. Bless!!!!!!!!

    • Jesaic Knott

      Haha I’ve been wanting to know where she is from also! I am from the Gulf Coast myself, but have recently moved to central MS. The Kroger stuff really rings true now!

  • CJ Kirkland

    Hi Susannah, I’m a writer and blogger based out of Memphis with a focus on giving back and philanthropy. I was wondering if you’d be interested in an interview with me? You have brought so much light and laughter into people’s lives through your work and I’d love to hang out with you for a bit and document it. Will you please contact me at cj@cjkirkland.com if this is something you’d consider? Thanks so much!! Congrats on all your well-deserved sucess!!

  • Brittaney

    Hi there.

    I stumbled upon your videos just this week during the grief of my brother who has just passed.

    Your videos made me smile for the first time all week. Also, I am sorry for the loss of your mother.

    I thought you might like to know that you’ve helped me so thank you for that.

    Kind regards,

  • Patricia Jones

    Hi Susannah! I ABSOLUTELY love your videos! Your humor is AMAZING! I wish to meet you one day. I LOVE laugh and you make me laugh A LOT! I am gonna by your books FOR SURE! Thank you for your great and funny stories that you put on social media for us. You definitely make my day every time I read something you post. English is my second language, so I am sorry if I wrote something that didn’t make sense. I am just go ahead and say… YOU ARE GREAT!!!
    God bless you!
    Patricia Jones

  • Christine Medeiros

    I’m a huge fan after finding you via a FB friend sharing one of your videos. You definitely made my day and I find you extremely funny …being a Southern girl in Cali and from Bama on less !!! I totally relate and gave to admit you make me a bit homesick for my fellow southern girls !!

  • Bethany Cordeiro

    Thank you for doing what you do. From one mom to another, the struggle is real, in everyday things. I’m going to buy your books, as I’ve seen on some reviews they are excellent. Thanks again for making me laugh.

    Beth, from s farmhouse in CT

  • Christine

    Hi Susannah, I am fairly new to your blog and Facebook page and think you are hilarious. I am really enjoying your blog & YouTube videos. I think I saw somewhere that you live in Brentwood, TN? My husband may be taking a promotion at work and we would have to move to the Nashville area, we currently live in Stuart, FL. So I have been researching family friendly suburbs around Nashville or Nashville itself and Brentwood keeps coming up the best for everything. We have one child a 7 year old girl, she is in Catholic School and the town we live in now has a real small town feel. Everyone knows one another, helps out one another, friendly. We have a lot of family restaurants and boutiques but 30 min. away is fine dinning and upscale shopping & Theatre. Would you say Brentwood is what we are looking for? Can you suggest any other areas around Nashville that are great for raising children? I know this doesn’t pertain to your blog but I know no one in TN and I am only going on what the internet is telling me. Thank You, Christine

  • Kaleb McNeal

    Hello! My wife and I love all of your videos and literature! Extremely funny. You and my wife have the same sense of humor, sound alike and look a lot alike! Haha good luck with publishing, Susannah!

    – Kaleb from Alabama!

  • MommyDi

    Hi Susannah. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your videos. They are hilarious and right on! I am a blogger who’s trying to get herself out there and gain some followers. Any advice?

  • Melinda

    I just found you on Facebook, which brought me here. I watched all of your Facebook videos in one sitting. I’m 62 and I haven’t laughed that hard since my mom was living and we would laugh until we were hysterical.

  • CYNTHIA Bigelow

    You crack me up. Your real life humor, jags and southern belle expression are right up my alley. Say it like it is sister. Your a breath of fresh air in our liberal touchy feely cry BABY world. Thinks and blessings

  • Holly

    What’s the oil you use after your derma needle again?? I just ordered one but I can’t find the video. Thank you!! You’re an awesome example of strong, intelligent funny women from the south!! Just because we’re southern doesn’t mean we’re dumb! You’re awesome!

  • Bobbie

    Just watched your most recent video and saw that the jewelry you wear is Silpada. I know that they recently went out of business and wanted to introduce you to Plunder Design. I am a sales rep, but not one of those crazy Mary Kay I wanna come to your house and give you half a facial pushy sales people. (No offense, to Mary Kay ladies :/) But I would love to send you some jewels and introduce you to Plunder. Check out http://www.plunderdesign.com/bharmon to see all the pretties we have to offer!

    BTW… HaHa’s for HooHa’s is what gets me through my 2 hour per day commute!

  • Kasey

    Your video about the death of your mother helped me more than you will ever know I just lost my dad and I’m not dealing well and you helped thank you!!!!

  • Haynestown.com

    Your videos are hilarious! But I knew I had to follow your blog when I saw the line above your subscriber box. I have a similar one about Nigerian scammers on my blog contact page! Kindred spirits, I guess. Must be the something in the biscuits 🙂

  • Reea

    Hi Whoa Susannah I watch your videos all the time and I find you to be super hilarious. I’ve seen you do videos about kids and you really makes me laugh, I know you are a writer as well. My name is Reea and I am a mom of two kids and a caregiver to another boy whom I also call my son, so that makes me a mom of three. I am also a childcare provider and a new author. I really enjoy writing for children. I don’t know if what I’m about to do is wrong so please forgive me in advance. I wanted to share my book trailer with you and I saw you had a place For comments. I also wanted to ask you to please share it if you like it. I just started promoting my book this week and I am trying to build on my followers. Thanks.


  • Michelle Storm Leverich

    My name is …yeah skip that. I’ve raised 12 kids. I write poetry. FB Page: LINES OF THE HEART. Your videos reflect day to day life. Poetry does same for me. Moving takes a lot out of a person. My recent adventures I just pictured your words on my recent chaos and couldn’t help myself. Laugh till I cried. I love God and kids. 12 yeah…I know. It’s called adoption. Crazy or determined. I haven’t figured out which yet. I haven’t figured me out yet either. Lol

  • Judy Dukes

    Got and read all of your books. One each night until I finished them all. I enjoyed all of them. I really got into the characters. After getting to the end of the one about the bad neighbor and in the book yall are discussing the possibility of writing about what happened in the neighborhood I almost freaked out, yelling out loud, you can’t do that then everyone will know how you all were involved. Really good stuff. Judy Dukes

  • Colleen Carter

    Hi Susannah! I am a new mom blogger & recently started a Facebook group called Judge Free Moms. It has really taken off in the last month & I have over 2300 members. I started a Judge Free Moms Promise and was wondering if you could check it out. I would be SO appreciative! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/judge-free-moms

    Would love to hear your thoughts and feel free to sign & share if you’d like.

    I’m a huge fan — thanks for the laughs 🙂
    -Cleveland, OH

  • Jo Cherry

    I listened to you talk about losing your mom, I felt the same way, it’s been almost 12 years and I still miss her so much. I will see her again!

  • Terra Gilliamsen

    I was looking through Facebook and stumbled on your last post. I have to tell you, I needed to hear that. I am 38 with 2 boys and recently was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and get chemo every week in Atlanta GA, so you can see how easyit is for me to throw mysela pitty party. I also have had some bitterness towards God because my babies need their mama. Your message gave me the strength that I needed at the perfect moment. God does that . So thank you very much!!!!

  • Jennifer Bruce

    Today was the first time I had ever heard of you. My best friend shared your video saying to drop what I was doing and watch it, so I just watched your Facebook video about what today, September 20th, means to you. Wow! I needed your words of truth and God’s word today! 6 years ago today I had my first arm surgery. It supposed to be pretty simple no major issues, 6 years and 6 surgeries later my arm internally is a mess. I’m only 35 years old but soon will need an elbow replacement. Once that happens I won’t be able to lift more than 5 pounds ever with that arm. My husband and I have no children but want them so we’re doing surgeriesas bandaids for my arm. It’s been a heartbreaking and lonely road. Dealing with the pain and deformity every day can be crippling. The last surgery I had about a month ago didn’t seem to help and I am in extreme pain daily.
    I was also having a pity party today…and then I watched your video! Thank you for sharing those verses and your honest struggle! Thank you for reminding me that God knows, He sees, & He comforts! He does that so I can share His love and comfort with others! You have a new fan! Thank you again and may God continue to bless you!! You are in my prayers! I loved this quote- “It’s been 365 days since I saw my Mama but I’m 365 days closer to seeing her again!”

  • Jasper

    I freaking love you!!!! We would be BFFS in real life 😂 I love your videos I love everything. God bless your fathers soul. I’m so sorry you had to watch him pass away. My sister passed away over Christmas 2015. The doctors kept her Alive on life support till the 26th so her death wouldn’t be on Christmas Day. She was 24 years old and was able to donate 8 organs to 8 wonderful people. Miss her w Rey day.

  • Aimee P

    Thinking of a family watching a loved one in her final hours. I thought of your loss, the shared grief. Saw this quote. “Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything.”
    C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed
    Have you read this?

  • Rayna Gausnell

    I have just in the last 6 learned of you. I enjoy your PSA’s, thank you for sharing your thoughts, experiences and views. You Rock. You inspire me. Thank you!!!!

  • LElizabeth

    Hey Susannah!

    I don’t know how often you get this- but I’m hoping to get a little unbiased advice from a wise, God-loving, mom!

    I am a single mom of a 4-year old little girl. She is wise beyond her years- not because she is my daughter, she really is SO smart! However, she is a downright CRY BABY! We have battled temper tantrums since 9 months old when she would literally bang her head on the ground when she was upset. It’s not even just the tantrums, she just WHINES, ALL THE TIME. I have tried every approach I know possible. I have tried calmly telling her when she ‘talks like a big girl I will answer’ her. I have tried just plain ignoring her until she talks the way she is supposed to. I have tried time-outs for tantrums, sending her to her room, of course the good ole spanking, and TRYING to focus on the positive behaviors rather than the negative behaviors. I feel like nothing works for her… even worse, I feel like I spend 90% of our time together disciplining her instead of enjoying time with her. I know that it is not my job as a parent to be her friend, but I also hate being the negative nagging parent that is always fussing. I hate that even by being the parent that is constantly disciplining, I see no change in her behavior. I am feeling like a terrible mom that is reaching wit’s end.

  • Regina

    I am a newly blessed mother of the prettiest 8-week old baby girl. As you can imagine I am up throughout the day and night and bored stiff of cable tv (daytime and nighttime). My only enjoyment until finding your short videos has been Jane the Virgin on Netflix (btw what did nursing mamas do before Netflix?). Anywho, I just wanted to tell you that you make my days and nights better with your humor, honesty, and thoughtful words that lift my spirits when I’m throwing my “I’m the only one in the world” pitiparty. Please don’t give up what you’re doin!!


  • Cindy

    Hey Susannah! I love your hilarious Facebook rants and blogs. And very much appreciated what you have shared about the loss of your Mother; my Mama passed away almost twenty-four years ago, when I was twenty-nine.
    As to why else I am writing, my sponsor and best friend are encouraging me to start writing a blog about online dating, at the age of fifty-two. Dating is used loosely here as I have only agreed to meet two men in person. It feels like I should have a Detective’s License at this point. Any advice on how to go about this? Having watched your video about believing in yourself this morning, prompted me to write you.
    Thank you, in advance,

  • Brittany Rogers

    Hey Susanna,

    Is there a way I could wrote you? I love your videos and have something I was wondering if you would bring out to the public. It’s a very important, but more importantly sad. Please contact me.

  • Karen shook

    I really appreciated your honesty about wanting another baby. You are very funny and as my only daughter after 3 sons says “you are like my long lost twin”. I will pray for you and that baby you have love left to give. Thanks for sharing your serious side;
    That’s not as easy❤️❤️❤️

  • Carmen Inabnit

    I love your blogs they make my day. I have three kids a son who is 17, two daughters one who is 13, the other is 11. I am a stay at home mom that’s dealing with back issues so I don’t get to do much with the kids like I would like. So I get really down but when they come home we watch your blogs and have a blast so for that I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep doing what you do. God Bless you and your family.

  • Brittteny Haston

    Hey Susannah. I just watched your video on Facebook about your momma and daddy passing away. I’m 25 years old. When I was 11 my daddy had a dirt bike accident after I left the house to walk down the street to a friends house. After weeks of fighting and surgery to stop the internal bleeding he ultimately passed away… I felt like if I had been there he wouldn’t have left to go ride. Then one morning in May when I was 18, I was sitting in the high school parking lot here in Arkansas in my Ford Bronco. A week away from graduation and 8 months pregnant with my son. I got a phone call from my momma. I ignored it as I was about to walk into school. She left a message that said she needed to talk to me. After school, I went to the rodeo arena with a friend and my grandma drove up. My momma had died that day right after she had called me… Talk about guilt. Your video was just what I needed. God makes us strong enough to fight any battle. We can all find strength through him. I cry often. Wondering what it would be like for them to meet their 2 grandchildren. How much they would just LOVE my babies. I miss them both everyday. And that orphan thing? I been there too sister. I’ll pray for you if you’ll do the same for me.

  • Rachel (Rae Rae) Otto

    Susannah ~ I have been a fan of your’s for a while now. Of course it happened after I ran into one of your many hilarious videos. Little did I know that I would run into a serious video months down the road that was called “Finding Comfort Through Sorrow” in a moment I would need it most.

    This last week, on November 22nd, 2016 at about 10:50 pm, while I was on vacation in Arizona, I received the type of phone call that no one wants to receive. A phone call that would change my life so drastically forever.

    It was my Mom on the other end in tears saying “I need you to come home. He passed.” She was referring to my 51 year old father.

    You see, according to the law this man was my “Step Dad”, but to me he was my real Dad. My biological Dad has nothing to do with me, but my Pops came into my life and took me in as his own, supported me as his own and most importantly loved me as his own.

    He had been sick for quite a while and fought a hard fight with kidney failure and heart failure, but we never expected his passing to happen so soon and so suddenly..

    I never go on vacation, I was always there to be by his side through any hospital stays, but this time I wasn’t. I had spoke to him just 2 hours before he passed and he was fine. I even tried to call him back after a while, but he didn’t answer, because that’s when he crashed and the Hospital Staff was trying to bring him back.

    It was hard receiving that phone call miles away. I honestly have to say I felt guilty for not being there, that maybe I should have never went on my trip. I was very angry with God in that moment as well. I mean I took that trip to go see a good, Christian friend, whom I truly consider my Sister, because I have had a tough few years and had lost my faith in God. So, I took that trip to try and get right and I couldn’t understand how God could take my Pops in those moments.

    But once I sat down and thought about it, I knew I was in the right place to receive that horrible call. I was with the person who has walked through some rough storms with me. A woman who stands strong in her faith. I had her there to hold me and cry with me. I know if I hadn’t of had her, that phone call would have been even harder to receive and I would of ended up in a darker place and probably would have not come back from it.

    I had to jump home on an emergency flight, deal with a 6 hour delay and then arrive home to say goodbye to my Pops the next morning, which was Thanksgiving day before they would cremate him.

    We now are getting everything ready for the services that will happen this weekend and that process is never easy. His Service will be December 3rd, which is another tough date for me. It’s the birthday of my best friend who was killed by a drunk driver years ago.

    I have had a lot of death in my life, but losing my Pops has been the hardest yet. The hurt is real, the heartache is real. I’m sad. I’m angry. I’m lost. I’m putting on a front and staying strong for my Mom, as I’m watching it kill her, but when I’m alone it hits me pretty hard.

    Today I took some alone time and came across your video and it just hit home. I was blown away that you said you lost your Dad on November 22nd, as I lost my Pops on that date this last week..

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your grief, your sorrow and your story. It’s nice to hear someone who absolutely feels the heartache, so strongly, but continues to remains strong in their faith.

    You have all of my love and respect and are in my thoughts and prayers.. ❤️ 💔

  • David Thrower

    I was introduced to your videos on FB, and I am addicted! They are so funny that I can’t stop watching them. As a native West Virginian, I can identify with where you come from as well, as you are sort of like a Baptist Flannery O’Connor. Keep up the good work, and tell the haters to fold it in four corners and stick it where the sun don’t shine – you are more entertaining than they are anyway.

    Also, don’t underestimate those aviator shades – they look good on you!

  • Alysha Owen

    Thank you so much for the words you share, and the videos you post (mainly on Facebook). Thank you for posting not just the funny stuff and sharing your journey with others. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to share your September 20th video, but it met me this morning with a greater comfort than I was expecting.
    Last May (after a two year struggle with infertility), my husband and I found out I was pregnant, with twins, on my birthday. I went out and bought the cutest, gender-neutral, onesies I could find. I put them in a little brown box to surprise my in-laws. A week later while I was in the classroom teaching, our miscarriage began. I questioned why for a while, and then I read an article about how one woman realized through her 5 miscarriages that the Lord was showing her how to trust Him and His timing. I found comfort in that.
    Yesterday a couple that has helped grow me in my faith and has become such close friends to my husband and and I came into the coffeehouse I run and shared with me that they were expecting. 9 weeks along. I was so happy for them, and also started feeling bad for myself. I was working through this with the Lord when I got their text. All it said was, “no heartbeat”. My heart sank. We all went out to dinner last night, along with another couple and their new born baby, and acted like nothing was happening or wrong, just like I wanted after we lost our babies in May.
    This morning I woke up, and was watching some more of your videos. I found the September 20th video and you shared the verse 2 Cor. 1:3-4. In that moment I realized that the Lord had prepare my husband and I, through our heartbreak, how to love and comfort our dear friends. It is so true that the Lord is close to the broken-hearted, and he seems always bring others into our lives that are able to help comfort us when we may not feel the closest to him.
    I know this is becoming a very long message, but I just wanted to keep encouraging you to keep sharing, even the hard stuff, for you never know who’s heartbreak you’re helping heal.
    Thank you again Susanna!
    With love,

  • Marla

    Susannah I’ve been watching your videos for sometime now and I love you!! You always seem to put a smile on my face and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Your video about Pokemon and musically was to funny I love all ur videos!! I hope you’re having a blessed day!!!😎😉

  • Linda

    One of my husbands cousin made a remark to me about one of your videos you did while you drive. I assured her you either had a dash camera of someone probably video tapes you. I personally love your videos and I have no doubt you do them safely.

  • Debbie

    Well now, it’s so nice to know that I’m not the only person in the world who uses Walmart’s proper name of Satan’s Playground.

    I started using that term a couple years ago. I was there right before a huge ice storm, when everyone and their mother were stocking up for snowmageddon. I was standing in the never ending line for the cash register (yes, the – only one) and I made a sideways comment to a friend in line about going back for whatever I’d forgotten when hell freezes over. She said, “Well, hell’s about to freeze over, so you best hurry. ” I said, “Exactly why I need to get out of this joint fore’n the Devil gets here, because this place is his playground and I ain’t in the mood to play!”

    Everyone around me chuckled and it stuck. Incidently, they opened two more registers within a minute after that and God Bless, we survived the storm!

    So, hello! I send you the warmest wishes on this cold day from West Tennessee on the Tennessee River. So happy my children return to school tomorrow!!!!

    Keep up the great work.

  • Heather Cowen

    Hi Susannah, I lost my mother in a tragic car accident this summer I’m an only child. My dad died when I was 20. My moms death has shattered me. We just have so much in common. I also did ivf 3 times and it didn’t work. I have two beautiful children though. I wish I could have privately messaged you instead. You are the only one I know who has lost both parents at our age. Please keep writing. It helps me not feel so alone.

  • Julie

    You make me Laugh so hard. I once spewed Coca Cola through my Nose! So Thank you for that. I’ve learned to Not drink while watching/listening to you. Can you please tell me about the ring you wear on your right hand. I LOVE it so much!! I have tried to zoom in and see it closer. It’s so Unique and Always catches my eye. Thanks!! Julie

  • Amanda Stebbins Carsey

    I am so glad you mentioned your blog in today’s live video. I wait every week for a new video. You’re hilarious and a pleasure to watch!

  • Diane Duncan

    I watched several of your funny videos today. Kroger, lost my ray bans, Redbox redneck video and a few more. Oh Ebony and Ivory!! So funny. I laughed til I cried! Honey, you’re not old. But beware of 50, the numbers click by fast after that. I’ve been singing “When I’m 64” since last April 14. So I’ll be 65 this April. I refuse to go to Walmart because IT IS HELL and I can’t deal with crazy people. Dollar General was meant for me. Ok enough, back to my Kevin Costner movie (sorry). See ya on the gadget thingy! Hahaha. 🇺🇸 God bless. Diane

  • Vicki

    My name is Vicki.I am 64 and a retired curriculum analyst for the state of Georgia. I’m a volunteer comedic actor at the Springer Opera House in Columbus,Ga and on the BOD. You are wonderful. I will tell you that for many years I cooked Sunday dinners 7 days a week. Now, I’m so afraid of cooking that I wash the chicken outside with the hose. I season pork from 20 paces. Then, I wash my hands with bleach. Keep up the Great work!

  • Leidy Romano

    I’m probably the millionth person to tell you this, but you are amazing! Thanks for being the right amount of sunshine I sometimes need to get through the day as a teacher and mother of two. Your humor is appreciated!! As you always say “God bless”!!

  • Marjorie Engel

    I am not a funny person myself but I laugh really well so I guess you could say I am a good audience………….being a senior, senior, senior woman of a proud age of 73. I was a great fan of Erma Bombeck and I am trying to locate an article she wrote years ago about a ladies luncheon that escalated with each meeting. It started with their tennis group and they met after each game and one lady was in charge of the lunch. It started as a sandwich or something simple but escalated which finally resulted in a lady having to miss the game to prepare a fantastic, over the top lunch to surpass the previous luncheon. Can you tell me how I can locate the article?

  • Tabatha Clark

    I know you want to know what the world, who these people are and why they sending me this picture. But I want you to know I’m sending this picture because this me I’m the oldest woman but that young lady is sweet of my son and he bought a cottage but instead of buying new he wants his family to gather because he wants them to give him things they are not using and he would keep them like family heirlooms. Because family means a lot to him. But before I send out the PM to everyone what would I call this gathering. Help hope to hear from you soon. My name is Tabby and she Tracy let me see if I send picture of my baby.
    All the men around here work the water he’s crab 🦀 potting now.

  • AnnaMary Mosher

    I just listened to your tape about the passing of your parents. I really didn’t mind you sitting in your car with your sunglasses on. It looked like you were sitting in the cemetery where both my parents were put to rest. Where are you from? Your accent sounds very much like the eastern part of North Carolina where my parents grew up. I still have friends in that neck of the woods and love to hear them talk!! You would be quite an addition to our yearly “girls-only-beach-trip” (usually Myrtle Beach)!! You might even come away with some new material for your talks!!

  • Jill Arteaga

    I just read an article of yours in the June 2017 Readers Digest and found myself sobbing out loud by the end. I, too, was 11 when my father decided to leave us. Your dad left involuntarily but my chose to leave by committing suicide. All my life I have had thoughts similar to yours. My stepdad wanted to adopt me and I refused because I thought I would be disloyal to my father. That is a decision I regret today because he chose to leave us. I’ve learned a lot about mental illness, alcoholism and depression and have finally been able to forgive my father. But I still wish he could have seen the woman, mother and grandmother I’ve become. Thank you for helping me see, I am not alone!

  • Jim

    Hi! I live in Humboldt. Just heard about you from my daughter who lives in Knoxville. How was I to know that a celebrity lives in Medina?

  • Cheryl

    OH boy! you say stuff that I think all the time but never say. Just stumbled upon your blog (Write a THANK YOU NOTE yaw’ll) and I immediately had a new best friend. I mean ‘ come-on’ an email thanks for a $300 check)!!! Love you and please keep telling it like it is.

  • Janice Kearney

    Just wanted to say hi, my 28-year-old daughter turned me onto your Facebook page and website, apparently you remind her of me LOL. My youngest just graduated from college so all my chicks are out of the nest and life is my own again. But you are a scream! I wish I had known of your stuff when I was still a baseball & hockey mom. We would definitely have been sharing your videos amongst us on the bleachers.

  • Laurie Blankenship

    Sitting here planning how to be an extrovert by reading facebook and eating Tostitos to drown out the voice of Debbie Downer in my head. I should be nobody’s mama and I think I’m the one responsible for the pile of crumbs under my couch that I have been blaming the 6 year old and thinking I was right! Yes I’m also from Jackson

  • wendy thompson

    I only just now discovered you! I read “THE THINGS I WISH MY DAD KNEW ABOUT ME BEFORE HE DIED” in my Readers Digest. It made me laugh and cry. I’m trying to figure how I could share it with my fb friends, but I’m over 70 and technology challenged. Any suggestions? I want to follow you. You’re an amazing writer!

  • Dominic Murgido

    Just read your article in RD June edition about The Things I Wish My Dad Knew About Me Before He Died. What a warm and touching tribute to your Father. So many of us don’t realize all the future happenings of life that our passed love ones will never know about us or our lives and never experience all that we have become and achieved.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Cynthia houston

    I love how you own being southern. Your hilarious. You and i share a similar sense of humor. Like when I told the ladies at church I had had straight as a board hair my whole life and I didn’t understand why the good Lord saw fit when menopause hit he turned my hair to curly kinky wire sticking out on each side of my head he basically gave me pubic hair on each side of my face. My poor husband just shook his head and walked away. Hrs all time telling me I need to think before I talk. That’s just difficult. Anyway keep up keeping up the funny. Good Christian humor is a lost art! I recently started a coupon group for beginners on facebook. I go live . Run down sales give Couponing tips and it is hard to think of things to say.. You are doing an excellent job. Cynthia Houston. Cyndhouss02@gmail.com

  • Katie

    Hello! I usually really enjoy your posts, but I have to say the one on August 1st was tough to read. Oh, not your part about the teaching supplies, but the 2600 comments questioning and berating teachers for the items on the supply list. Unless I missed it, I did not see one response from you in those comments. As a teacher, I spend not only a huge amount of time, sweat, tears, prayers and money on my kiddos in the classroom. I do not have summers off–it is better financially for school districts to divide my pay into 12 month increments. During the summer, I choose to find bargains and work on best practices and read and think and plan on how to do even a better job this next year. I don’t stop thinking about those kids when I go home to my own family. They are like my own for 10 months. Believe me, I have the best job in the world and wouldn’t trade it for the world, but a word from you would’ve slowed down all those folks who had nothing better to say or do that day than question what teachers put on the supply list. I welcome people to come in my room (last year with 31 seven and eight year olds) and see what an amazing place it is, but how hard it is to pull of day in and day out. Please, if you are going to give a tongue in cheek post like that one, please check back and back us teachers up from all the bashing. Thanks so much for listening.