Cheer Up or Dry Up!

Click below to check out faith-based encouraging, uplifting and hopefully humorous posts that help you cheer up before you dry up!

Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is like good medicine. But a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

God bless,


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32 thoughts on “Cheer Up or Dry Up!

  • Kirsten Reed

    You have NO idea just how much I needed those words, your humor, and a taste of TN to put the smile back on my face. Thank you

  • Sandy May

    I have to say I only watched your Kroger video yesterday, as I wondered, Is this lady for real?..I went to your facebook and proceeded to get totally lost in all the laughter,positive motivational videos and words, you are one very bright individual and I’m now subscribed to a Great Lady who has so much to offer..Thank you for sharing and making my life a lil bit cheerier! GOD Bless you and yours! Dont ever leave your sneakers in this ladies path uninvited😉

  • Jillian catapano

    I want to get regular posts! I have hit “like” everywhere I think but don’t know if that’s going to do it…I want my daily dose please!!!

  • Julie Meeks

    Hey there!!! I just saw you on facebook for the first time……my only problem is…. I can’t pick out a “FAV” ……Love them all!!!!!

  • Chelsea

    Hi Susannah,

    Oh where do I start. First of all, I can write, but by no means am I a writer. Please excuse me if this ends up being a hot, jumbled mess. I came across the viral firat day of achool video and that is how I found you. I find you hysterical and love your sense of humor (not the first time you have heard this, I know). I live in FL, but my heart is in TN. We vacation in TN a lot (twice in the past year in fact). Love the accent!!

    Anyway, time to get to the point of this comment. I had a best friend about 5 years ago. She came to FL from Australia to be a nanny. She was here for 2 years. We were very close, almost like sisters. We could talk about anything. Unfortunately, she moved back to Australia and since the time difference is so big we are rarely able to talk. When she was here if there was anything going on I knew I could count on her to be there and cheer me up with some girl time. I miss her so much and have not been able to find another friend that I can be that close with.

    When I came across your FB page it was like a slice of heaven. Now, if I have an off day I can just watch one of your videos and it cheers me up. I agree with all of your posts. I am a strong Christian and love that you don’t hide that part of your self. I think we would actually get along quite well.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you made not having my best friend here just a little bit easier and that I think you are truely an AMAZING person! The people in your life are blessed to know you personally. I hope your faith never waviers and you never let anyone or anything bring you down.

    Your New Avid Follower

    • Susannah Post author

      Oh Chelsea. This is too sweet. I appreciate your encouragement and support and am so glad to bring you a little joy. I know you must be missing your friend. Hang in there. God bless.

      • Chelsea

        I have to say, I have been reading some of your blogs and while I whole heartdly stand by what I said before. You are truely amazing, wonderful, spectacular and so on. You do make me laugh. I am now sad. I wish I lived in TN. I wish I could see your town and spend time in it.

        Missing TN 😥

  • Julie Cook

    Thank you!! Such a ray of fiery sunshine shredding through darks clouds over me. You made me laugh so hard the other day! Fisrt time ever seeing any of your videos, not even sure how it popped up but i needed it! I just took a vacation in Nashville and Chattanooga. What a beautiful state! You’re amazing!! I look forward to more posts!!

  • Kristi Irsfeld

    Thank you for bringing me a chuckle, laugh, or snort just when it is needed! I ordered your new book, but so enjoy your wittiness through your posts!! God Bless!

  • Julie

    I am so thankful for your whitty videos. My best friend just recently lost her brother in law and had a miscarriage all within 2 weeks. Your words of encouragement remind me to be a good friend and encourage me to encourage others. Thank you for being such a blessing and a voice for God.

  • Allen

    First off I totally Agree … Wal-Mart is Satan’s Playground… I’m stealing it… I’m making it mine now. Satan’s Playground woo-hoo!..

    On your post about where your parents have past and comforting others… here’s my comment on it.. You have no idea how much I needed this today. Don’t ever stop comforting others. God used you in that video… his voice came through. Love you Sister!


    Whoah Susannah, I just wanted to let you know what a comfort this was to me. On my 44th birthday, my Dad who I sat by the phone for 35+ years to call me on my birthday… who I was promised he would come to see me at my Grandmothers so I went no where when I was little waiting to see him or just call me… it never happened until June 17th of 2015 at 5am when I get a wake up call, “Better get here quick he won’t make it.”

    I can’t drive and by the time I got a ride there he was gone. No goodbyes no I love yous just a strange day with my stepmother, step sisters and found out I had stepbrothers who passed away that I did not know.

    I chose in that moment to comfort -them- he was good to them not so much to me in my life but they were there for him… hopefully helped him battle his alcoholism and did what I couldn’t. I’ve always battled my health, diabetes, lupus, cancer and a closed head injury that’s caused me a lot of neurological problems. I prayed with them and we grieved together and got through the funeral together. It never was about me… I never asked for anything… just was there for them it was what God would have wanted me to do.

    Then one year later on my Birthday I did not sit and wait for a call. I drove by the cemetery and seen the nice headstone my step mother put up for him. I can take some comfort in knowing that he was loved until the end… I did love him, but I was always the one who initiated contact. I am in contact with my aunt, my dad’s sister and a few cousins now. But I sure wish I had gotten to know my Dad’s new family when I was alive. They were nothing but loving towards me.

    You are so right about through GOD comfort others… through GOD love others… because when you share GOD’s love it’s magnified and given right back to you.

    Bless you Susanna… if you are ever in Louisville would love to hang with you. You are my Mom’s kind of people we would have great time.

  • Jennifer Flaherty

    I have been following you for quite some time, honestly because your personality is a lot like mine. The post you have made about you mother have hit home for me,I lost my mom when I was 5 and sent to live “with people she chose”, lets just leave it as if only my momma would have known! My mom passed when I was 6 of breast cancer, I’ve had by boughts myself and now am facing 4th biopsy with unknown results because of the scar tissue. So they are going in for a biopsy any a reduction, ya know while they are on there may as well take some stuff with them. As much as I try to joke I’m scared as hell and wish my momma as here to help me. I’m about to go from a 44ee to a “full C” like I can’t even comprehend what that would look like. I think that last time I was C I was maybe in 5th grade.
    Anyways I don’t really want to ask for anything other than to keep me on your thoughts and to tha k you for being so awesome .
    From another cool mom in ray bans

  • Tammy Sparks

    Oh my goodness, Susannah! You are breath of fresh air and I just love your posts. I told my daughter the other day when we were watching your TJ Maxx video that, “this lady is my spirit animal!” LOL Honey, keep writing, keep posting and keep us laughing! We love you here in Knoxville, TN! God bless you and yours! 🙂

  • Julie Garnett

    Hey Susannah! I hope you have a great time cooking your mama’s recipes for Thanksgiving with your daughter. Something she will cherish. We corresponded before. I sure miss mine during this time but my 8year old son and I will cook. He gets tired of hearing stories from my childhood but loves 80’s music. So, maybe we will just turn the 80’s music on, cook, and create those memories. I’ll cry silently and miss her terribly but I’ll also get through this holiday season. Hopefully. Take care and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Julie Garnett from Paxville, SC.

  • crystal brown

    You are a inspiration to me. I look forward to seeing your videos and post on FB everyday. I have been coming in to Christ for a while and still struggling with it. I bought a Women’s study bible and it suggest I should find a spiritual mother. Have you heard of this? Not everyone in my family is religious and I haven’t found a church yet. Mainly because we only have one vehicle and my husband uses it for work. So if you could give me some insight, prayers and maybe some inspirational quotes that have helped you along the way it would really help. Thanks

  • Michelle Witkowski

    Since seeing your first video I have been a fan. Your Thursday Live Segments are something I truly look forward to every week. You give me a reason to smile each week. Thank you for your humor and encouraging words. I hope God continues to bless you as much as you bless us.

  • Amber

    I really enjoy your videos and your spirit. I feel like you are one of my own girlfriends! I was just wondering if you follow any certain devotional or anything like “good morning girls” or “she reads truth”. Thanks for all the laughs and positive outlook!

  • Heather Lolley

    This has been such a rough week dealing with some medical issues and I use a prayer journal during the Anna and Susanna podcast and write down any wonderful quotes, bible verses or just great sayings from y’all! I needed this one before your show today! By the way, what time again on thursdays does it come on, part of my medical issues are memory problems grrrrrr! I don’t want to miss ever!

  • Heather Lolley

    This is absolutely the best verse! I am going through some scary health issues right now and the doctors are still working on finding out what is wrong! I love to laugh and smile even when hurting or scared but sometimes it is too hard! You make it so much easier for the smiles and laughter to come even on my worst days! I listen to your podcast, I watch you on Facebook and could watch and listen every day! I am going to find a way to display this verse framed somewhere in my home, any suggestions where

  • Sally Keeler

    I just read your Facebook post today about a group that hates you and is saying unkind things about you. Let me tell you about my story my friend. I have had to leave my husband and church because of domestic abuse. Now, I am a Christian and my abusive husband is a pastor/ preacher. Between him and the church I have been spiritually, emotionally and financially abused. Lies have been told about how I am an unhinged woman all because I have no outward wounds. Only the wounds of the heart. I know the truth, and most importantly my God knows the truth. So do not feel bad aND be glad you kept the anger inside. I have had to bite tongue too. God knows the truth.