Day Thirteen

It’s evident that the Whoa! Susannah page has taken an ominous turn. Maybe it seems I’m playing this orphan card for all it’s worth. Maybe I should just take a break entirely from the world of writing until I find my funny. Maybe I should keep the sadness and grief […]

Day Eleven

Aside from my mother’s eulogy, I haven’t written anything in eleven days. So sitting down to write this feels sort of odd and foreign. Eleven days is a long time for me not to have written anything humorous or added a chapter to my novel. Instead, the last eleven days […]

A Post for My Pop(s)

In my several months of blogging, I’ve rarely (read: once) written about serious subject matter. I’m aware that people come here in hopes of reading something that will cause them to spew Mountain Dew from their nostrils or urinate on themselves. If I can provide either of these things, then […]